February 1, 2024

When Was Gay Marriage Legalized in Indiana?

There aren't many days when one can hear shouts of joy coming from the City-County Building, a place known more for jury duty and sour-faced deputy sheriffs than for wedding ceremonies. But June 25 was one of those days, as hundreds of gay and lesbian couples rushed to courthouses to take advantage of a federal judge's decision striking down the state's ban on same-sex marriage.

State law restricted marriage to only those between a man and a woman, and in 1986 the legislature added a clause to the state constitution that denied recognition of same-sex marriages from other states or countries. In recent years, state lawmakers tried to amend the constitution again to reimpose those restrictions, but they failed.

When was gay marriage legalized in indiana

On October 6, 2014, Indiana became the first state to license and recognize same-sex marriages after the Supreme Court declined to take up a case in which a federal appeals court struck down the bans of Wisconsin and Indiana. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals panel included judges appointed by Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, and ruled that the states' laws violated equal protection guarantees in the U.

On June 27, the ACLU filed a request for a stay in the case, and clerks in Marion County began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples after that. Couples in Boone, Hamilton and Hendricks counties followed suit. But the court's stay will halt those marriages while the case is appealed.


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