February 1, 2024

When is the Cotton Pickin Fair in Gay Georgia?

The blackberry jam that pairs perfectly with your morning biscuits, the antique glassware you pull out on special occasions, the front porch rocking chair that waves you goodbye from afar--these aren’t just objects--they’re memories. Discover the pieces that make home feel like home at The Cotton Pickin Fair.

The Cotton Pickin’ Fair has been nationally acclaimed since 1972, featuring 350 artisans and more than 300 antique dealers nestled among interesting historic farm buildings. This semi annual event is held on the first weekend in May and October at the 189 year old Gay family farmstead located in Meriwether County, Georgia. Food cooked on site and regional entertainment create a fun family experience.

During the week the quiet hamlet of Gay is a sleepy little town of 150 residents, mainly comprised of retirees who seek a simpler lifestyle. But four days a year the small town roars to life with thousands of visitors who visit The Cotton Pickin’ Fair.

The fairgrounds consist of eleven original historic structures, each one a part of the rich heritage that helped make Gay a thriving community in the early 1800’s when cotton and peaches were the main crops. The highlight of the fairgrounds is the 1911 Building. Built to house J.R. Gay & Company, this unique structure included a three-story, eight room apartment as well as a small warehouse. Today the west gate of The Cotton Pickin’ Fair is the former front door of this building. Adjacent to the 1911 Building is The Blacksmith Shop, which originally held the Delco Battery Plant that provided 28-volt DC electricity to a thriving Gay in the very early part of the 20th Century.


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