February 1, 2024

When Did John Travolta Come Out As Gay?

John Travolta is an iconic actor whose filmography includes classics such as Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Pulp Fiction. Over the years, he’s been the subject of gay rumors and speculation, but he’s always denied them. He’s also gotten into trouble with the law on several occasions, and has been involved with the Church of Scientology for decades.

Despite all of this, Travolta is still known as one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. He’s made millions of fans around the world happy and has been an inspiration to many. In a recent interview, he opened up about the gay rumors that have been surrounding him for decades.

The gossip mill kicked into high gear when he was photographed in 2006 kissing a male nanny on the lips. He waved it off as an innocent display of affection, but the rumor mill was already stoked. A few years later, Travolta was accused of sexual harassment by two male masseuses, though the claims were dismissed.

Carrie Fisher fueled the rumors in a 2010 interview, saying that she believed John Travolta was gay. She claimed that the actor was “still in the closet” because he didn’t want to be a role model for gay men. She also added that she didn’t think it was fair to speculate about a celebrity’s sexual orientation without them coming out and confirming it themselves.

Over the years, Travolta has consistently denied any ties to the gay community, and he’s also never spoken out against his wife’s involvement in the Church of Scientology. He believes that it’s his right to be private about his sexual orientation, and that he should have the freedom to live as he chooses.


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