February 2, 2024

What WWE Superstars Are Gay?

With the world becoming a more accepting place for LGBTQ community, the WWE is also opening up and welcoming them with open arms. There are quite a few famous wrestlers from the company who fall into this community, and they often share their stories with their fans.

It is quite impressive that they do not shy away from sharing their homosexuality with their fans. One such superstar is Shayna Baszler, who was quite vocal about her bisexuality back in 2019. She revealed that she dated both men and women while speaking to MMA Roasted. The ruthless in-ring performer is a great role model and she has made many proud of her sexuality.

Mercedes Martinez is another female wrestler who is gay. The former ROH Women’s Champion came out as a lesbian in July 2019 and she is not ashamed of her sexuality. The former athlete was bullied when she was a child and wrestling helped her come out of that dark period in her life.

She has been very active on social media and she even took part in the Pride Fort Lauderdale parade with her partner Arianna. She is a proud queer woman and she wants to use her platform to show LGBTQ people that they can achieve anything in the field of wrestling.

Fred Rosser, who is a former member of the NXT group The Nexus, was also open about his homosexuality. The star told WrestlingNews that WWE founder Vince McMahon was incredibly supportive of him when he came out. Rosser later moved to AEW, which is one of the most LGBT-friendly companies in professional wrestling.


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