February 1, 2024

What Would the World Look Like If Gay Is the Normal?

What would the world look like if homosexuality was the norm? This is the premise of this 20-minute short film by Kim Rocco Shields.

A girl named Ashley is attracted to boys, despite being raised by two unsupportive moms. This attracts the attention of her classmates and leads to in person and cyber bullying. This is followed by depression and a suicide attempt. The premise is a poignant and powerful one, which shows the ugliness of homophobia in society. The film is a short, but it has the power to inspire change.

The film is a good example of how to create empathy and bring awareness on an important issue by using cinematic means. By creating a dystopian world, the film reflects on the harmful effects of discrimination and ignorance. It also challenges traditional misbeliefs about sexual orientation and sex roles, which are commonly held by society.

However, this isn’t the best movie to watch if you are not comfortable with the idea of homosexuality being the norm. Homosexuality isn’t without its drawbacks - for example, a few people may indulge in molesting others, but this can be handled by regular judicial processes.

The key to achieving LGBTI rights is a combination of top-down changes such as laws and policies that promote equal rights, and bottom-up campaigning including peer-to-peer education. As Swimelar (2016) demonstrates, however, resistance to 'foreign' homosexual norms is often used by poor countries as a way of asserting sovereignty against global powers.


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