June 13, 2024

What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 Poster: What to Expect

"What We Do in the Shadows," the TV series based on the feature film by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, chronicles the lives of vampire roommates navigating modern life. The show, set in Staten Island, combines humor and horror to depict the everyday challenges faced by its peculiar characters.

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Series Background

The series is a spinoff of the 2014 film and captures the comedic essence of the original while expanding its universe. Created by Jemaine Clement, the show boasts an impressive production team, including executive producers Taika Waititi, Paul Simms, Scott Rudin, Garrett Basch, Eli Bush, and Stefani Robinson. FX Productions manages its production.

Main Characters


Portrayed by Kayvan Novak, Nandor is a former warrior from the Ottoman Empire, now struggling to adapt to the modern world.


Natasia Demetriou plays Nadja, who brings a touch of old-world charm and wisdom, often reminiscing about her past.


Matt Berry's Laszlo is Nadja's husband, known for his extravagant and often outlandish behavior.

Colin Robinson

Mark Proksch portrays Colin Robinson, an energy vampire who feeds off people's boredom and frustration.


Played by Harvey Guillén, Guillermo is Nandor's loyal familiar, whose character arc delves into themes of loyalty, identity, and destiny.

Setting and Plot Themes

Life on Staten Island

The vampires face various modern-world challenges in Staten Island, including awkward interactions at human Super Bowl parties and dealing with internet trolls. They navigate an absurd, often hilarious mix of supernatural shenanigans in contemporary settings.

Supernatural Encounters

Throughout the season, the vampires encounter a myriad of supernatural entities, including ghosts, witches, necromancers, zombies, and assassins, each contributing to the series' unique comedic twist on horror tropes.

Character Development

Guillermo’s Arc

A significant focus of the season is on Guillermo, exploring whether he will become a vampire, a vampire hunter, or remain a familiar. His development adds a layer of depth to the series, raising questions about destiny and personal choice.

Production Insights

"What We Do in the Shadows" continues to benefit from the creative direction of Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, whose unique brand of humor and storytelling elevates the series. The show’s ability to balance humor with elements of horror makes it stand out in the landscape of modern TV comedy.

Notable Cast

The series features a talented cast, including Kayvan Novak, Harvey Guillén, Natasia Demetriou, Matt Berry, and Mark Proksch, all of whom bring their characters to life with memorable performances that contribute to the show’s critical and popular success.

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