February 1, 2024

What Type of Gay Guy Am I Attracted To?

What type of gay guy am i attracted to

You may think that the whole gay community is made up of hookup-oriented men with bad attitudes, but the opposite is true. Many gay men are committed to long-term relationships and want a serious relationship as well. They’re not on dating apps and don’t have a large mainly gay group of friends, but they exist and are seeking the right partner for them.

Gay men tend to have a lot of stereotypes assigned to them based on their appearance, but this can often be misleading. Gay men are just as diverse as the straight population and it’s important to avoid judging someone because of their appearance.

What’s more, the same traits that make a man attractive to straight women are the same things that make him attractive to gay men. A recent study from Harvard University found that both gay and straight males prefer faces with high levels of sexual dimorphism, which means a broader jaw, larger forehead and more pronounced brow ridge than feminine-faced people.

Also, gay men want a partner who’s ambitious. Nothing makes them more attracted to a person than watching them work hard toward a goal. They’re more likely to be impressed by your determination to achieve success and will see you as an equally strong partner. They’re also more likely to respect your family, as long as you and your partner are open about your relationship with them.


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