February 2, 2024

What to Do If You Suspect Your Husband is Gay

Even in the best marriages, there are times when a woman suspects that her husband is gay. Whether this is something she has been feeling all along or something that came as a complete surprise, there are few things in life more heartbreaking than finding out that your spouse may be homosexual. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help navigate this difficult situation.

Often, when a man is gay, he will try to hide it as much as possible. This means that he will try to avoid any type of sexual intimacy, which can be very hard on a marriage. Additionally, he may begin to show signs of homophobia, including making insensitive comments about homosexuals or lashing out at openly gay men. Similarly, some men will develop a fetish for sex with other men. This can lead to a lack of interest in sex with his wife and can be a sign that he is gay.

Other things to look for include a sudden decline in sexual activity early on in the marriage, difficulty arousal during intimate moments and a general lack of satisfying foreplay. In addition, if you find that your husband has a lot of phone calls or texts from men you have never met, this is cause for concern.

Having a closeted husband can be a devastating experience, but it is important to remember that his orientation has nothing to do with you. He may have been attracted to other men from the time he was very young, and it is not your fault that he feels this way.


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