June 12, 2024

What Time Does Fortnite Festival Season 4 Come Out?

The Fortnite Festival is stepping into Season 4 with a new musical twist that promises to be a game-changer for both fans of the game and lovers of heavy metal. Fortnite Festival is a game mode designed with a musical focus, allowing players to use musical instruments instead of guns, and featuring licensed songs and collaborations with popular artists.

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Previous Headliners and Season 4's Star

In the past, Fortnite Festival has been graced by the presence of headliners like Eminem, The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, and Billie Eilish. For Season 4, the thrash metal band Metallica takes the spotlight, promising an electrifying experience. Metallica's involvement offers a refreshing deviation from the previously pop-music-dominated themes, attracting both new players and devoted fans of the band.

Season 4 Timeline

Mark your calendars: Fortnite Festival Season 4 is set to launch on Thursday, June 13, 2024. The season will run until August 16, 2024, wrapping up at 12 AM ET. This two-month-long event provides plenty of time for players to dive into the festivities, enjoy the new content, and earn rewards.

Festival Pass and Premium Reward Track

The Festival Pass offers two tracks - a Free Track and a Premium Track - each brimming with exciting rewards. The Free Track, though limited, offers a glimpse into the musical journey with a handful of songs and cosmetics. However, the Premium Track, priced at 1800 V-Bucks, promises a more immersive experience. Upon purchase, players immediately unlock the Lars Ulrich Fortnite skin, with additional outfits for other Metallica band members - Robert Trujillo, Kirk Hammett, and James Hetfield - becoming available as they progress. Players can also look forward to exclusive Metallica memorabilia.

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New Cosmetics and Jam Tracks

The shop is stocked with the Puppet Master set, featuring individual outfits for each band member. Throughout the season, players can purchase iconic Metallica songs such as:

  • "Enter Sandman"
  • "Fuel"
  • "Master of Puppets"
  • "Ride the Lightning"
  • "The Unforgiven"
  • "Wherever I May Roam"

New Game Mode – Battle Stage

Season 4 introduces an exhilarating new mode called Battle Stage. Here, 16 players compete on the same Jam Track, which is chosen randomly. Players face elimination after each song, with four being cut until one remains. The mode allows players to choose their difficulty level and includes unique mechanics where they can launch attacks to disrupt others' scores and break scoring streaks. Additionally, private Battle Stages let friends compete with the option to select specific Jam Tracks.

The Impact and Novelty of Season 4

With Metallica headlining, Fortnite Festival Season 4 is set to inject a surge of excitement and energy into the game. This season is likely to draw in more players, broadening the appeal of Fortnite Festival beyond its traditional audience. The blend of competitive gameplay with Metallica's powerful music promises a unique and thrilling experience for all.

Get ready to rock and roll in the Fortnite Festival. "See you in the Never-Never Land!"

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