February 1, 2024

What Side is the Gay Side to Pierce Your Nose?

Aside from your personal preference, there are several factors to consider when deciding what side to get pierced. The most common is the side you prefer to photograph towards (for selfies and group photos). Some also decide based on the way they style their hair, as this can influence visibility and overall balance.

It’s important to know that while it may be associated with the LGBTQ community due to its historical role in the gay scene of the 1980s, nose piercing is not about sexuality or orientation, it’s about self-expression and fashion. In fact, most people of all identities and orientations are getting nose piercings nowadays!

Nostril screws, which are a post with a bezel or small design that attaches to the top end and a bottom end that’s similar to a screw, are recommended by piercing professionals as they have less risk of infection. They can be a bit more challenging to clean, however. It’s important to use a cleanser that is effective yet gentle, such as NeilMed Piercing Mist, so you can effectively clean the nooks and crannies without irritating the new piercing or causing it to close prematurely.

Other factors to consider include your facial symmetry and how one nostril appears larger than the other when you’re face-on. This can play a big role in which nostril to choose, as it’ll make your face look more balanced and attractive! Finally, it’s worth noting that while you may experience inflammation and swelling, it’s nothing to worry about – just keep in mind that it’s a normal part of the healing process!


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