February 1, 2024

What Kind of Gay Guy Are You?

A man who is attracted to men in a romantic and/or sexual way is often called gay. The word is sometimes used to describe people who are attracted to more than one gender, which is referred to as bisexual or pansexual. Gay can also describe a person who is in a committed relationship with a man who is his same sex partner.

Gay men often work in jobs related to fashion, interior design and hair styling. They may be interested in pursuing careers that involve the arts and sciences. On the other hand, some men work in fields such as sports and the military, which are more masculine occupations.

Many gay men are fascinated with fashion, tan often and color their hair. Some wear a lot of makeup and have expensive taste in clothing. Some are attracted to people who have a similar sense of style, and can be seen with their girlfriends shopping together for the latest designer dresses. They may even have a “gay tribe” that consists of other close friends with similar tastes.

Educators may feel unprepared for the question, "What kind of gay guy are you?" But rather than avoiding it or giving a negative response, listening first can help teachers determine what the student really wants to know. Then they can practice their responses, just as they might do with other questions from students. This will help teachers become more comfortable with the topic. It will also set a welcoming tone in their classroom and school community.


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