June 10, 2024

What Is Wrong with Evans Hair on Bargain Block Today?

On November 8, 2023, during the filming of the fifth season of "Rock the Block," Evan Thomas, well-known from the HGTV show "Bargain Block," sustained a significant hand injury. This incident required stitches between his index and middle fingers, an occurrence he humorously attributed to "dangerous art." Thomas shared a photo of his injured hand on Instagram, bringing both concern and support from his fans.

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The Social Media Buzz

The injury sparked confusion and reactions among fans and fellow competitors alike. Leslie Davis from "Unsellable Houses" posted a photo with Thomas, highlighting his injury and inadvertently causing some fans to think she was also injured. The clarification that only Thomas was hurt was made through subsequent posts, underlining the camaraderie and humor shared among the contestants.

About "Rock the Block" Season 5

Filming for the fifth season of "Rock the Block" began in October 2023 in Treasure Island, Florida. This season introduces a twist, featuring past non-winning teams who return for another shot at victory.

Returning Competitors

  • Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum ("Bargain Block")
  • Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb ("Unsellable Houses")
  • Brian and Sarah Baeumler ("Renovation Island", "Battle on the Beach")
  • Paige Turner and Mitch Glew ("Fix My Flip")

These teams, equipped with a $250,000 budget, have six weeks to renovate and design four identical waterfront homes, each featuring a pool and boat dock. The ultimate goal is to add the most value to their property to win the competition. Hosting this exciting season is Ty Pennington, despite his own medical emergency earlier this year, and the season is set to premiere in March 2024.

Additional Context

The contestants' familiarity with each other from past seasons adds depth to this season's narrative. For instance, Thomas and Bynum previously competed against Davis and Lamb in Season 3, a season won by Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson ("Married to Real Estate"). The Baeumlers and Turner also bring experience from their appearances in the most recent season, which was won by Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle ("Lux for Less").

Medical Emergencies on Set

This season isn't the first time medical emergencies have made headlines. Ty Pennington's earlier medical scare during another HGTV filming adds another layer of tension and reality to the otherwise thrilling competition setup. These incidents highlight the occupational hazards renovation experts face, particularly in the high-pressure environment of competitive renovation shows like "Rock the Block."

Engaging the Audience

Viewers can look forward to not just the incredible renovations but also the personal stories and real-life challenges contestants face. The returning teams' redemption arcs and the unexpected twists and turns, such as Thomas's injury, promise to keep the audience engaged and invested in the show's outcome. This season is positioned to blend excellence in design with compelling human interest stories, making it a must-watch event in March 2024.

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