June 13, 2024

What Is the Meaning of Pride by Kendrick Lamar: A Deep Dive

Kendrick Lamar's song, "Pride." from his critically acclaimed album "DAMN.," serves as a deep exploration of the multifaceted nature of pride and its influence on personal and societal levels. Released on April 14, 2017, the track is a profound reflection on Lamar's internal struggles, moral dilemmas, and the broader human condition.

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Lyrical Content

Themes of Pride and Humility

In "Pride.", Lamar grapples with the dichotomy of pride and humility. The opening lines, "Love's gonna get you killed, but pride's gonna be the death of you and me," set the stage for a song rich with self-examination. These lyrics highlight the destructive potential of pride and the contrasting, yet equally perilous, nature of love.

Personal Struggle

Kendrick delves into his internal battles with ego and morality. He reflects on how his pride affects his actions and relationships, constantly striving to align his lofty ideals with his real-world behaviors. This introspection is evident in lines like "I can't fake humble just 'cause your ass is insecure."

Social Commentary

"Pride." also touches on societal issues, addressing themes like materialism versus spiritual fulfillment and the inherent flaws in human nature. Kendrick questions what holds true value in lines like "Hell-raising, wheel-chasing, new worldly possessions / Flesh-making, spirit-breaking, which one would you lessen?" He examines how pride can lead to societal division and the erosion of genuine human connections.

"Kendrick Lamar - Hovefestivalen 2012" by NRK P3 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/.

Musical Composition

Production and Instrumentation

The track features production by Steve Lacy and additional production by Bēkon. The melancholic guitar riff and layered vocals create an ethereal and haunting soundscape, perfectly complementing the introspective lyrics. Lamar's varying vocal pitches, shifting from high to low, mirror the contrasts between his ideals and actions.

Tone and Mood

The somber and reflective tone of "Pride." is in stark contrast to the more assertive and confident beats of "HUMBLE." This juxtaposition enhances the song's exploration of the duality of pride and humility, emphasizing the internal conflict that Lamar continually faces.

Context in the Album

Album's Narrative

"Pride." fits seamlessly into the overarching narrative of "DAMN.," which delves into themes of sin, morality, and redemption. The album's introspective nature is epitomized in this track, serving as a cornerstone for its exploration of human flaws and virtues.


The track contrasts and interacts with other songs on the album, such as "HUMBLE." and "LOYALTY." While "HUMBLE." calls for modesty and grounding, "Pride." offers an introspective look into the challenges of living up to such ideals.

Reception and Interpretation

Critical Acclaim

Critics have praised "Pride." for its deep lyrical content and emotional resonance. The song's exploration of pride and its consequences has been widely interpreted as a personal and societal critique, cementing Kendrick Lamar's status as a profound lyricist and social commentator.

Fan Reaction

Fans have embraced "Pride." for its introspective nature and thematic depth. The song has become a staple in Kendrick Lamar's discography, often highlighted in live performances for its emotional intensity and thought-provoking lyrics.

Awards and Recognition

The album "DAMN." has received numerous accolades, including a Pulitzer Prize for Music. "Pride.", as part of this critically acclaimed album, has contributed to Lamar's recognition as a transformative figure in contemporary music.

Visual Components

Music Video

While there is no standalone music video for "Pride.," the visual elements of the "DAMN." album artwork and related visuals tie into its themes. The imagery and aesthetics reflect the album's exploration of inner conflict and societal issues.

Album Artwork

The "DAMN." album cover and related visual art enhance the themes of "Pride.", reinforcing the song's examination of the duality of human nature and the moral struggles inherent in pride and humility.

Cultural and Historical Context

Societal Issues

"Pride." addresses broader societal issues such as racial inequality, materialism, and the impact of pride on communities. Kendrick Lamar's introspective approach encourages listeners to reflect on their roles within these contexts and the broader implications of their actions.

Personal Life

Lamar's personal experiences and upbringing significantly influence the lyrics of "Pride." His reflective exploration of pride and its consequences is deeply rooted in his life journey, providing authenticity and resonance to the song's themes.

Kendrick Lamar's "Pride." is a masterful examination of the complexities of the human condition. Through introspective lyrics and haunting musical composition, Lamar delves into the struggles of pride, morality, and societal influence. The song encourages listeners to reflect on their values and actions, prompting a deeper understanding of both personal and collective human experiences.

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