February 1, 2024

What is the Gay Capital of Europe?

When it comes to gay rights, some European countries have led the way with pioneering laws for marriage and adoption. But there are many cities that have also become hubs for the LGBT community offering a heady mix of bars, clubs, restaurants and events. In the UK, Brighton has been dubbed the queer capital of Europe thanks to its cheeky, free-thinking population and huge annual Pride festival. Meanwhile, Paris’ renowned queer culture is best explored in the capital’s only official gay neighbourhood, La Marais.

The Danish city of Copenhagen has long been a creative hub with an open-minded reputation that is reflected in its popular queer venues, including the Oscar Bar and the Kitsch Café. The city’s famously tolerant spirit is also evident in the numerous art museums, design shops and trendsetting restaurants that attract visitors from all over the world.

Madrid is another of the most popular cities for gay travellers thanks to its progressive locals, huge LGBT community and slew of bars, clubs and restaurants catering to them. Its annual Gay Pride parade is a major draw and you’ll find plenty of LGBT-friendly places to visit throughout the city, particularly in the Chueca neighbourhood.

You might not expect Rome to be a top pick for gay travel, but this cosmopolitan city has a lot to offer with its swanky bars and clubs in the Eixample district and a wealth of LGBT-friendly attractions and festivals. For instance, you can follow the LGBTQ Histories Trail at the British Museum or take in a show at the city’s top sexy drag venue, Club Church.


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