February 1, 2024

What is the Best Gay Anime on Netflix?

With Netflix doubling down on anime content in recent years, it is no wonder that there are a lot of queer anime titles now available for viewers to watch. These series span all genres but are all characterized by a narrative that includes gay or lesbian characters and themes. From intense mind games like Kakegurui to supernatural action and sci-fi series like Bungo Stray Dogs, there is something for everyone.

Some of the best gay anime on netflix feature characters that are either bisexual or homosexual. These series show a variety of different perspectives and relationships that are not often seen in other media. While these shows may not be as tasteful or subtle as other titles on this list, they do provide some valuable insights into LGBTQ representation and themes.

For example, Cowboy Bebop features a relationship between two males without any negative commentary about their sexuality. This is a rare thing to see in a fictional TV show and it is a great example of the positive impact that can be achieved by simply depicting sexuality in a natural way. Another good example of this is Ouran High School Host Club which doesn’t call attention to its queer themes but treats them as a normal part of the school experience.

Other examples include a non-binary character in the popular series Kakegurui and a transgender character in the anime adaptation of the classic Sailor Moon. Lastly, there is Devilman Crybaby which is not for the faint of heart but does present an intersex character in a nuanced and respectful manner.


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