February 1, 2024

What is Gen Gay Slang?

If you've never been a member of Gen Z or have never interacted with people in this generation, talking to them or browsing TikTok comments can feel like trying to decipher a new language. And although many of the slang terms these kids use have been coined in recent years, some have roots that go back decades, especially those tied to the LGBTQIA+ or Black communities.

Whether you're a teen or an adult, these buzzwords are worth knowing. From the slang word bruh to a cryptic phrase used by some people on Grindr, these phrases are popular among the youth.

A popular slang term that refers to someone who loves and follows the same things as everyone else. This includes fashion, music, and even sports teams. It's not to be confused with stan, which is the name given to fans of a celebrity or artist (like the members of the City Girls rap duo).

The term that describes the experience you have when something feels more or less real than usual. It's also the slang used to describe the feeling of nostalgia. For example, waking up on Christmas morning hits different than waking up on a regular Wednesday.

When something makes you feel different and/or more emotional than usual. This can be an indication of love or other emotions. It's also used to talk about how certain things affect you differently after you find out more information about them. For instance, a song by your favorite musician might hit you differently now that you know they're a transgender woman.


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