March 9, 2024

What is an Otter Urban Dictionary?

A cisgender man who blends elements of both twinks and bears in terms of their traditionally masculine aesthetic, presentation and other gendered preferences. Otters are often considered to be a subset of bears, but stand apart in that they don’t necessarily encourage a binary approach to gender expression and typically lean into the casual.

Generally, an otter is in the middle of the hairiness and body size scale between twinks and bears, with a bit of a boyish appeal. Otters usually have at least some facial hair and trim their chest hair but are largely unconcerned with body hair on other parts of their bodies. They may be more masculine than a twink but not as feminine as a bear and may be into kinkier sexual practices than a twink.

The use of animal species to describe gay men traces back to 1979 and an article in The Advocate by George Mazzei, who popularized seven different classifications of gay men, named after animals. The most well known of these is the bear, which refers to a hairy and large gay man, with wolves (lean, muscular), pigs (more feminine than a bear) and chickens/twinks/twunks (middle ground between a bear and a twink) making up the other subtypes. Otters, in particular, look more like a medium-sized bear than a twink and are lean but still hairy and masculine.


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