February 2, 2024

What is a Gay Stud?

When it comes to lesbians, there are a lot of terms that get thrown around. Whether you’re a butch lesbian, a stud, or a tomboy, each one has a different aesthetic and meaning. Here we explore what exactly it means to be a gay stud and how you can identify yourself as one!

The term “stud” is a racially specific label that was developed by Black lesbians to create a unique identity and culture within the lesbian community. While studs can look many ways, they are often characterized by their masculine appearance and their adherence to a swagger and charm that is all their own. The term can be very protective for studs who can get quite defensive when non-Black MOC lesbians with zero stud lived experiences try to co-opt this inherently Black culture for their own gain.

A stud is defined by the fact that they wear men’s clothing, like suits and flannel shirts, and may have short hair or an androgynous haircut. They are often very independent and self-reliant individuals with a distinct fashion sense and a love for menswear-inspired clothing. Studs also tend to have more chiseled and defined facial features, with some choosing to have their nails painted a particular color or even cut shorter than other lesbians.

Despite their popularity and visibility, Studs can face a variety of challenges in their lives. These can include being questioned about their sexuality, being asked to dress in a more masculine or androgynous manner, and being subjected to harmful stereotypes and assumptions about gender. To help combat these challenges, it’s important to build and support communities of Studs and to call out discrimination and bigotry when it occurs.


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