January 31, 2024

What is a Gay Sauna?

A gay sauna is a place where men come to have intimate encounters with other men. The experience can vary from a small, basic facility to a large complex with multiple steam rooms and 10-person jacuzzis.

Often, saunas facilitate exploration of erotic fantasies that might be risky or illegal outside their walls. For instance, a gay sauna might offer towel-waving opportunities that recall high school gym experiences, or sexy facilities like prison cell rooms and fetish dungeons. Many saunas also have dark rooms where men can have private sex in the shadows.

When you visit a gay sauna, there are a number of rules and etiquette that must be followed. These can include rules of sex-positive etiquette, as well as a general code of conduct that helps create a safe space where everyone can have fun.

For example, you would probably not cuss or wear a tank top at your grandmother’s house, and you should treat gay saunas with similar respect. Gay men may engage in sex-positive activities in any part of the sauna that they want, but they are not there to date or find long-term relationships.

When you enter a sauna, you will usually be greeted by a staff member and pay the entrance fee. Then, you will typically receive a towel to wear and a key for your locker or cabin. Most saunas are cash only, as this helps maintain privacy and discretion. If it is your first time, we suggest you start in the dry areas and explore the lockers, workout room, any bars or dance spots, and any other amenities before moving to the wet sections. When in the sauna, wear slippers or flip-flops to avoid contact with anything on the floor. Be sure to wash off any strong colognes or deodorants before entering the sauna, as these scents can linger.


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