February 1, 2024

What Is a Gay Cruise Like?

When people ask what is a gay cruise like, there is no simple answer. Gay cruising is all about having fun, meeting new friends and spending quality time with loved ones in an environment that’s safe for everyone. The parties are awesome, the music is top-notch and there’s plenty of entertainment to keep you entertained from day to night including headliner performances by famous drag queens.

The main difference between a regular cruise and a gay one is that the gay cruising companies charter entire ships or specific cabins to create a space that’s exclusively for their clients. This allows the cruise company to offer a number of different itineraries on one ship with everything geared toward the experience. Some companies, such as Source Journeys, specialize in social impact travel and incorporate a volunteering component into their trips.

As the gay community has grown to become more accepting of different forms of sexuality, many gay men are still drawn to the hedonistic atmosphere of a gay cruise and the chance to be open about their relationships with other men. This is reflected in the new documentary film Dream Boat, which follows five men from around the world as they sail on their dream vacation.

The group, consisting of Marek, Dipankar, Philippe and Ramzi, all experience a range of emotions as their vacation comes to an end. For them, what started as a hedonistic paradise turns into an emotional shipwreck.


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