January 31, 2024

What is a Gay Bathhouse?

A gay sauna (or a gay steam bath, or a gay onsen) is where many men go to indulge in safe sexual encounters with their peers. They’re not a sexual free-for-all, though: there are rules and etiquette that you should keep in mind to make sure you have a good time and don’t get ripped off.

Once you arrive at the bathhouse, you’ll be handed a towel and keys to your locker in the changing room. You’ll undress in the locker and then start your journey through the facilities. Depending on the sauna, you might have a shower or bath to soak in first, and then a room where you can relax with other guys, hang out, and talk about sex. You may also have a jacuzzi, a screening room, or other fun things.

When you’re at a gay bathhouse, try to avoid talking too much unless someone is obviously interested in you. Instead, rely on non-verbal cues to communicate. Guys will often give you a “look” when they’re interested in you, like a smile or intense eye contact, or they might give you a head nod. It’s also important to read the etiquette of the place you’re visiting — for instance, some places require that you wear a swimsuit.

Some bathhouses will provide condoms, but it’s best to bring your own. If you’re unsure about what to bring, try to match up with a buddy who has visited before. You’ll both be better able to read the etiquette of a new venue and avoid making mistakes.


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