February 1, 2024

What If I Were Gay? - Joyner Lucas and Eminem Discuss Their Thoughts on the Subject

Eminem has had a rocky road when it comes to the LGBTQ community. He’s dropped lyrics that would make a sailor blush, as well as songs that seemed to be nods of support for the movement. Over the years, his stance on the matter has been as volatile as the stock market. This swaying has been attributed to the changing societal perception of sexual orientation, as well as the songwriter’s evolving persona.

In the past, he’s used the word “fag” in several songs on his Slim Shady LP, as well as “hate fags.” But he’s also been known to use the term in a more generic way, suggesting that he hates any kind of deviant behavior. He’s even endorsed marriage equality.

A new song by Joyner Lucas and Eminem has leaked, and the pair discuss their thoughts on homosexuality in the track. The collaboration was never meant to be released, but it’s gotten quite a bit of attention due to the subject matter. The snippet, which has now been scrubbed from the internet, finds Joyner talking from the perspective of his character as they question their sexuality.

Then Eminem jumps in as a friend of Lucas’ character, and voices the worst of his homophobic feelings. He also brings in religion, saying that homosexuality is a sin and disobeys God’s order. The whole thing has listeners scratching their heads as to what the duo were trying to convey.


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