February 1, 2024

What If I Were Gay - A Snippet From Eminem's Collaboration With Joyner Lucas

Despite Eminem’s history of demonizing LGBTQ+ people, his new collaboration with Joyner Lucas asks how two grown men could remain friends if one of them comes out as gay. This snippet of their track was leaked online this week.

Andreas Wijk is a Swedish singer, fashion model and social media influencer who was born into a religious family and came out as gay when he was 15. He tells Attitude that he wishes he had music like what if i was gay when he was younger.

Juno Dawson, author of This Book is Gay, says she wasn’t initially thrilled to write the book but it was the best way to share her experience with young LGBTQIA+ teens. The book has been the subject of controversy after a parent in Iowa City challenged it saying kids under the age of 13 should not have access to its graphic sexual content. A local committee voted that the book should stay available to students but different expert assessments have come to varying conclusions about how young is too young for the book’s contents.

It may seem harmless to call your friend’s nerdiness gay or their bad songs lame but those words hurt. They have a real impact on gay kids who often feel their sexuality is something they have to hide, leading to depression and sometimes even suicide. It’s why words matter so much – just as with an iceberg, nine-tenths of the damage happens below the waterline.


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