February 1, 2024

What If I Was Gay - Is Eminem Gay?

A collaboration between Joyner Lucas and Eminem has reportedly leaked online, which has fans questioning the rapper’s views on homosexuality. The unreleased demo was titled “What If I Was Gay” and was never meant to be released, but it got attention anyway due to its controversial content. In the track, Eminem narrates the inner monologue of a friend of Lucas’ character who questions his sexuality.

In the first verse, he calls homosexuality “a genetic flaw” and states that it is a “repulsive” thing and a sin that must be repented for. He continues to describe the consequences of being gay such as losing his friends and family and feeling like an outcast. Then he turns the focus to religion, as it has been one of the biggest oppressors of homosexuality in society. He says that according to biblical beliefs, homosexuality is a sin and a disobedience to God’s direct orders.

Many people believe that Eminem is using this track to make a point about how homophobia and racism are still prevalent in our country. Others think that he’s using it to diss fellow rapper Tyler, the Creator who recently used a homophobic slur in his new album. Regardless of how he intends to use the song, it’s still a very important discussion to have in hip-hop as it pertains to minorities and the LGBTQ community. The song is also an interesting look at how people struggle to accept their sexuality and how much prejudice exists in our society.


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