February 1, 2024

What If Gay Was Normal?

Some researchers think that sexual orientation may grow and change over the course of a person’s lifetime. They also believe that people can experiment with their sexual preferences, usually during adolescence or early adulthood. Sexual orientation can be influenced by many things, including genetics, family and personal experiences. However, scientists cannot prove that any one factor causes sexual orientation.

Research shows that genes do play a small role in sexual orientation, but they are not hardwired into the brain. Rather, they are predisposing factors. Similar to how traits like red/green colorblindness and freckles can be traced back to single genes, a variety of factors combine to make someone gay or straight.

Even though the majority of Americans are accepting of same-sex relationships, not everyone is. Those who are not can often be subjected to prejudice, discrimination, bullying and violence. These negative effects can be especially traumatic for youths.

While same-sex marriage is a wonderful thing, it would be a much more effective solution to combating homophobia if homosexuality were truly normalized. In a society where homosexuality is the norm, individuals could be free of their fears of rejection and be proud to live their lives as they choose.

The film “Love Is All You Need?” features a lesbian actress who is trying to bring about this change. She is partnering with nonprofits and screening her movie in cities where she believes it will have an impact. The proceeds from the film will go toward funding her efforts. Ultimately, Shields’ goal is not just to profit from her movie and win awards, but to create change.


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