February 1, 2024

What Happens on Gay Cruises?

There’s something about the idea of waking up each morning in a new place, eating fresh food, getting massages and seeing the sights that makes cruises an appealing vacation option for many. But for those who want to go even further, a gay cruise may be the right fit.

There are companies that charter their own ships and offer solely gay cruises, but many of these sailings — and the experiences they provide — have more in common with traditional cruises than you might think. Here’s what you can expect when cruising with gay-friendly companies like Atlantis Events, VACAYA and RSVP Vacations.

The majority of cruises in this niche are geared toward gay men, though some companies do offer trips that are open to both gay men and lesbian women. As a result, you can expect to see more men than women, and more muscled or sexy people than you’ll find on a mainstream cruise.

Some gay cruises are purely social, with few sightseeing excursions, but others are more destination-focused and include activities ranging from art auctions to trivia and bingo. Most companies also set up Facebook groups to connect passengers before the sailing so you can introduce yourself and chat with others. Seeing several thousand LGBTQ+ people in one place can be affirming for those who live in small or rural communities where it’s rare to see so many of the same people. And for couples, a cruise is the perfect opportunity to be affectionate with each other in public, without worrying about offending a mom and her kids.


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