February 1, 2024

What Happens on a Gay Cruise?

A gay cruise isn't just a recipe for disaster; it can be an exciting, fun-filled and bonding experience for all onboard. Gay cruising is a growing niche within the themed sailing market, with some companies dedicated to full-ship charters and others offering group trips on regular cruise ships.

Many of the same activities and amenities found on a standard cruise are also offered on gay ones. But what's unique about the all-gay experience is that nearly everyone onboard shares a similar background, which can be particularly affirming for those who live in rural or small cities and who may never have traveled among so many of their own kind before. And for couples, it's nice to know that they can publicly kiss and touch each other without worrying about upsetting the mother and her kids on a table-for-two.

There are a few key differences from traditional cruises that you should keep in mind, however. For instance, the prevailing party atmosphere can mean that customs agents can be more vigilant than usual when it comes to checking for recreational contraband like drugs and weapons. And if you're traveling to countries where homosexuality is illegal, you'll want to be extra careful when it comes to using social media and other online meeting places that are popular with the LGBT community.

Finally, because many of the people on a gay cruise are singles (and some are just seeking to make new friends), it's not uncommon for people to mingle even in the hallways of the ship. In fact, some of the most memorable moments of my three all-gay cruises came when I made the small but important connections with strangers who turned out to be the best travel buddies of all.


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