February 1, 2024

What Happens in a Gay Bathhouse?

When most people think of gay bathhouses, they imagine a sexual free-for-all. This is true in some areas, but it is not universally the case. Some men visit saunas for social activities, chatting, and even hooking up in a non-sexual way. Many others go for the whirlpools, steam rooms, and other amenities that are often included in a bathhouse's admission fee.

Many saunas have a space that is specifically set aside for random, anonymous sex. These spaces—rooms, hallways, or mazes with glory holes and dim lighting—allow men to explore their sexual fantasies in a safe environment. When homosexuality was illegal in some parts of the world, gay bathhouses were a common place for closeted men to meet other men. These establishments are still popular today.

While most gay bathhouses do not have a strict no-talking rule, it is wise to avoid using foul language or making someone feel uncomfortable. If you are not interested in a man, it is fine to gently refuse advances. If a man gropes you, for instance, tell him off politely. If he continues to grope or flirt, walk away from him and find another man who is more receptive to your interest.

Since most gay bathhouses do not allow verbal communication, it is important to learn how to read non-verbal signals. Most men will give you a certain look—maybe they make eye contact or nod their head—that lets you know they are interested in you. Watch out for open stall doors, too; this is an invitation for others to join those in the room.


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