January 31, 2024

What Happened to Not Gay Jared?

Jared Monroe, better known as Not Gay Jared, is a media personality some might recognize from his appearances on the right-wing talk show Louder with Crowder. He worked as a cast member of the show for three years and amassed quite a large fan base. His witty take on several issues including gay-related topics and gender roles made him an instant favorite with the audience.

But he abruptly left the show in 2018 and his fans have been wondering what happened to not gay jared ever since. Some of the theories that have been floated suggest that his departure has to do with financial problems. It is alleged that the show was facing a financial crisis and that many of its cast members, including Sven Computer, were owed money. But none of the cast members, including Steven Crowder, have come out to confirm this rumor.

Others think that Not Gay Jared was fired from the show. It is also rumored that the former cast member signed an NDA and cannot talk about his time on the show, hence leaving everyone confused.

However, the truth is that Not Gay Jared left the show for personal reasons. He was reportedly expecting a baby with his partner at the time and he felt that the workload of the show was too much for him to manage. In an episode titled A Very Not Gay Jared Farewell, he explained his decision. He said that he would like to pass the torch to someone else.


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