January 31, 2024

What Hallmark Actors Are Gay

When you think of Hallmark movies, you probably envision a warm and fuzzy story about two people finding love. But did you know that some of the actors behind these heartwarming films are members of the LGBTQ+ community? These stars have proudly embraced their sexuality and helped to shape the channel's commitment to inclusivity. From Jonathan Bennett to Luke Macfarlane, these gay Hallmark actors are making a difference in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Whether they're playing a gay couple or a straight character who just happens to be queer, these talented actors are helping to define the future of romantic comedies and rom-coms. From Jake Foy starring as Tuff McMurray in the upcoming Hallmark TV movie Ride to Kyle Dean Massey playing a country star and his wife on the hit series When Calls the Heart, these LGBTQIA Hallmark stars are pushing the network to continue its commitment to diversity.

While the inclusion of LGBTQIA storylines on the Hallmark channel has been met with backlash from some conservative viewers, many others have praised the network for its commitment to inclusiveness and are glad that they can watch movies and shows that feature LGBT characters without having to worry about discrimination or stigmatization. Some of these LGBTQIA Hallmark stars are also working hard to make sure their work is as authentic as possible.

They're doing so by emphasizing the importance of eye contact when portraying a character. They're also encouraging other actors to be more careful about their language and how they use the microphone, as well as by reminding audiences that it's not okay to stereotype or ridicule LGBTQIA individuals or communities.


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