February 1, 2024

What Gay Tribe Am I?

When it comes to the gay community, there isn’t just one way to be. Aside from gender identity, the community is a rich tapestry of diverse groups and identities. These groupings, commonly referred to as “gay tribes,” effectively showcase the gay community’s embracing nature. The love and acceptance these tribes receive highlight the diversity of the community’s identity and show that there is no one right way to be gay.

Twinks are a common gay tribe, popularized by the dating app Grindr. These men are lean in size and capture a youthful essence. The “twink” concept has become a cultural icon and is loved by many.

The “bear” category is another well-known gay tribe, characterized by its robust size and body hair. Unlike twinks, bears are generally older in age and have a more rugged appearance. Many enjoy the masculinity that this type of gay man embodies.

Jocks are another recognizable gay tribe, a lifestyle often portrayed in TV and film. These men typically work out a lot and are very active. They are also known for their ripped physiques. They may even be a little too into their bodies and might forget to trim their beards or manicure their nails once in awhile.

The chub tribe is an important gay stereotype that deserves recognition. While some consider this to be a negative stereotype, the truth is that it’s an accurate reflection of the gay community at large, which can sometimes be superficial in its appreciation of lean bodies and disregards more natural, tubby body types.


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