March 9, 2024

What Does KYS Mean on Discord?

Often used as an exclamation of extreme frustration or anger, KYS is an abbreviation for kill yourself. The acronym is most commonly posted as a meme on Tik Tok and other social media sites. It is often posted to mock someone deemed objectionable in some way and can be seen as a form of cyberbullying. While many people view KYS as a harmless joke, it is important to understand that the term can have serious real-life consequences for someone who is being victimized online.

Regardless of what it means, the acronym is very offensive. The phrase trivializes suicide and can be viewed as cyberbullying, making it dangerous to use. For this reason, many forums flag or block commenters who use the phrase. Younger internet users are also policing their peers more and more for using the term.

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Whether it's a new trending slang word or a well-established one, Tik Tok is bringing out a lot of different slang phrases that people are using to express themselves online. With the popularity of this video platform, there's a high likelihood that you will see these new slang words, especially with every other Tik Tok video.


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