June 13, 2024

What Does It Mean to Be a Self-Confessed Tomboy: Authors Evolution

In 1988, an author wrote Taming the Star Runner and in 1995, she deviated from writing for young adults and wrote two children’s books, The Puppy Sister and Big David, Little David.

Chronology and Works

The subject, presumably an author, wrote Taming the Star Runner in 1988. In 1995, she shifted her focus from writing for young adults to writing children's books. The two children's books mentioned are The Puppy Sister and Big David, Little David.

Change in Writing Focus

The term "deviated" highlights a significant change or shift in the author’s literary focus. Initially known for young adult literature, she explored a different genre by creating works aimed at a younger audience.

Expansion of Her Audience

This shift could demonstrate the author's versatility and ability to write for different age groups. It might also reflect a deliberate intention to reach out to a broader demographic, extending her influence and readership.

Professional Development

Examining why the author might have chosen to deviate can provide insights into her professional growth and creative exploration. Factors such as personal interest, market demand, or a desire for new challenges could have influenced this decision.

By capturing these points, the narrative of the author’s deviation in writing focus offers a comprehensive look into her career development.

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