February 1, 2024

What Does Gen Mean Gay?

The internet is full of slang, but there are some terms that can be confusing if you're not familiar with them. One of these is gen, which appears frequently on Grindr and other gay dating apps. Here, we explain what gen means and how it's used.

In a general sense, gen means generous. It's common for people who are looking to be paid for their company or sexual services to identify as gen on Grindr. Those who use the term typically have a gender identity that is not cisgender heterosexual, but it's also possible for straight people to self-identify as gen on the app.

People who use gen on Grindr are often looking for casual hookups, but they can also be interested in long-term relationships or friendships. Some people also use the term to describe their interests, such as a preference for bottoms or tops. This can be a way for people to avoid being labeled as sex or fetish, which can be problematic for certain groups of people.

While there is no known gene that determines sexual orientation, researchers have found some biological factors that may contribute to a person's orientation. These include being born a male, having older brothers, and being left-handed. People who have these factors are more likely to be homosexual. This is not a definitive rule, however, and the majority of people who are homosexual are not born with these characteristics. It's important to know your personal risks and take precautions.


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