February 2, 2024

What Does Gay Happy Meetings Mean?

When you hear "gay happy meetings" you may immediately think of wild drug taking, outrageous flirting and generally inappropriate camp behaviour. These types of events are not common on most cruise lines and even those that do host them tend to keep it pretty sedate.

A gay men's group is a place where you can discuss your sexuality with people who understand your situation and are not your family or friends. They are usually facilitated by a professional who has insight on the challenges that come with being gay.

In addition to discussion of the sex that you identify with, these groups also offer referrals for institutions that provide stigma free physical and mental health assistance. This is important because studies have shown that members of the LGBTQ community are three times more likely to experience negative mental health issues.

Some of the negative factors that were reported by youth included feelings of isolation. Many of them indicated that they were the only openly gay person in their school and felt that other students did not accept them. In some cases, this led to feelings of depression and PTSD. Others indicated that being out made it difficult to maintain relationships with their family members and that their parents did not support their orientation.


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