February 1, 2024

What Do Gay Men Find Attractive?

In a society where women are judged on soft manners and conventional beauty standards, and men are judged by their social status and ability to provide, the straight man has lost much incentive to work on his aesthetic self. However, homosexuals are a different breed altogether, who put equal pressure on themselves to look their best at all times, and most of them pamper themselves by spending a lot of money on skin and hair care products, gym memberships and even buying a range of cosmetics.

Gay men are often attracted to masculine characteristics, big muscles and a sense of humor. They tend to prefer taller bodies, and they are also attracted to muscular chests and toned arms. In fact, some of the most popular lifts that gay men prioritize are biceps curls and bench presses.

When it comes to facial hair, the results of a study conducted by Pace University showed that while 60 – 70 percent of gay men find a 5 o’clock shadow attractive, more than half of them consider a full beard a major turn off. Goatees and mustaches didn’t fare well either.

In terms of body type, the study also found that gay men are attracted to a more muscular upper body than their heterosexual counterparts. This is mainly because they want to be able to impress their partners with their sexual capabilities and the physical strength they can offer. However, there is a caveat: the more muscle a person has, the less attractive they are in terms of fertility. This is probably because the testosterone levels in their blood will be higher, which could lead to an increase in sperm count and therefore, inability to have children.


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