February 1, 2024

What Do Gay Guys Like?

If you want to have a successful relationship with a gay guy, it helps to know what they like. Some of it may surprise you. Gay men love to work out, for instance. They also enjoy anal sex more than vaginal sex. Anal sex can be a little more complicated, however. It requires extra precautions, such as using condoms and having lube close at hand.

Moreover, gay men are concerned with body image. They're obsessed with the ideal of a masculine body—the six-pack abdomen, big muscles, and the size of their penises. These concerns might explain why some gay men have trouble with anal sex.

Gay guys also have a high bar for facial hair. While a 5 o'clock shadow might be acceptable, full beards and goatees are a no-no. They're more interested in a smooth face, and studies show that they find straight men with beards and moustaches to be less attractive.

Researchers still haven't determined the cause of male homosexuality, but they've narrowed in on some of its possible triggers. One theory is that homosexuality results from a genetic mutation that alters the flow of male hormones in utero. Another hypothesis is that a mother's stress or infection during pregnancy may set off the process.


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