February 1, 2024

What Are Some Gay Animes on Netflix?

If you want to watch gay animes on netflix, you have a lot of options. The streaming giant has made a conscious effort in recent years to include more explicitly queer content, and the result is dozens if not hundreds of anime shows with LGBT characters or themes.

While the list isn’t long, there are still plenty of options for everyone, regardless of their tastes and preferences. For instance, there are yuri animes, which feature romantic and sometimes erotic relationships between male characters. There are also shows with LGBTQ characters that address serious and sometimes difficult issues, such as Given, which depicts intimate gay relationships without being exploitative. And finally, there are shows that are just plain fun to watch, like Ouran High School Host Club and the 2021 live-action Cowboy Bebop adaptation.

Of course, no gay anime list would be complete without the iconic Sailor Moon. The series, which first aired in the 1990s, has long addressed themes of gender and feminism, but it’s the lesbian romance between Uranus and Neptune that really sets it apart.

For a more modern take on the genre, there’s Q Force, which puts LGBT characters and relationships front and center in a surprisingly tasteful way. The show is not as nuanced or subtle as some of the other entries on this list, but it does a good job of showing that the world is more than just straight and cisgender.


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