January 31, 2024

Want to Know If You're Gay? Here's How to Tell

Trying to figure out whether or not someone is gay can be a hugely awkward experience, especially for the person asking the question. The truth is, there’s no test that can give you a definitive answer. Sexual orientation is a deeply personal process that involves a lot of soul-searching and self-examination.

That said, there are some signs that can tip you off to the possibility that someone is gay. For example, if they’re a little hesitant to talk about their past hookups with women and only use “they” pronouns when referring to themselves, this could be an indicator that they’re exploring their sexual identity.

Another thing to watch for is if they seem more comfortable around men than they do with women. Similarly, if they’re more interested in movies or TV shows with gay themes and characters, this may also be a sign that they’re exploring their sexuality.

Finally, consider their feelings and beliefs on the origins of homosexuality. Some gay people believe that sexual orientation is a result of chromosomes, while others believe that it’s a psychological phenomenon that occurs during childhood.

Another thing to keep in mind is their behavior around other gay people. Do they treat them with respect and kindness? Do they make comments that demean them in any way? This is a key sign that they may be gay.


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