February 1, 2024

Wanna Know How I Know You Are Gay Jokes

You know you re gay when your tires are slicker than your brakes.

One of the most famous wanna know how i know you re gay jokes is from The 40 Year Old Virgin. This comedy film features Paul Rudd as a guy who realizes he is gay and asks his friend for some advice. In response, his friend tells him a list of things he does to show that he is gay. These include rubbing his chest and legs, stroking his anus, and sniffing their own dicks. The list continues and includes other sexual activities such as licking dicks and eating their own dicks.

Another funny wanna know how i know you

re gay joke is from the movie The Expendables. In this action film, Mel Gibson plays a bad ass guy who gets his dick blown off by a big man named Stackhouse. Afterward, he is asked by his manager to join the team of bad ass guys who are known as the Exterminators. The manager agrees to let him join the team if he promises to keep his mouth shut and stop talking about the other members of the team.

There are many more interesting wanna know how i know you r gay jokes, but these will do for now. We hope you found these funny and if you do, please share them with your friends! If you enjoyed these gay jokes, check out our other collection of funny jokes.


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