June 11, 2024

The Real L Word: A Decade Later, Where Are They Now?

The Real L Word: A Decade Later - Where Are They Now?

'The Real L Word,' a reality TV series created by Ilene Chaikin, aired on Showtime starting in June 2010, providing viewers a glimpse into the lives of lesbians in both Los Angeles and later Brooklyn, New York. Inspired by the drama series 'The L Word,' this reality show captured the daily experiences and struggles of its cast members, contributing to LGBTQ+ representation on television. The show concluded in September 2012, but fans remain curious about the cast's lives today.

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Key Cast Members and Their Current Lives:

Whitney Mixter

Lives in Los Angeles, dating Nina Græ. Mother to Mecca Silas Moon Mixter, born in October 2020. Works as a freelance event producer and Dream Home/Property Facilitator for ZOPA Realty Group. Appears on television and promotes brands via social media.

Kelsey Grace Chavarria

Resides in Long Beach, California, in a relationship with Lauren Atchison. Works as an Office Manager for Prometheus Entertainment. Notable filmmaker.

Kacy Boccumini

Transitioned and now identifies as a man. Executive Director of Distribution Workflow for Sony Pictures Entertainment. Hosts the podcast “The Stories We Tell.”

Alyssa Morgan

Makeup artist living in Los Angeles. Engaged to Michael Mahon, a tattoo artist. Maintains contact with cast members like Whitney Mixter.

Cori McGinn

Works as a Senior Manager for Localization at Warner Bros. Entertainment. Lives in Los Angeles, close with ex-partner Kacy Boccumini.

Romi Klinger

Leads a private life, still involved with Casa Por Vida as a designer.

Nikki Weiss-Goldstein

Married to Jill Goldstein, celebrating over a decade together. Cancer survivor, advocates for marriage equality and breast cancer awareness. Runs Nikki Weiss & Co.

Jill Goldstein

Happily married to Nikki Weiss-Goldstein. Writer/Producer at Nikki Weiss & Co. Focuses on family and raising their two sons.

Tracy Ryerson

Senior Vice-President of Development and Production for Wayfarer Studios. Partnered with Stamie Karakasidis, raising four children together.

Stamie Karakasidis

Active in real estate, co-founder of Mewd Vitamins. Stand-up comedian. Co-host of the “Stamie+Tracy” podcast.

Lauren Russell

Jewelry designer, owns Lauren Russell Jewelry by Design. Lives with two dogs, Samson and Delila.

Sada Bettencourt

Fitness/Stylist at HairBae Beauty Bar. In a relationship with Troy Spino, expecting their second child.

Kiyomi McCloskey

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson in New York. Singer and Songwriter for Hunter Valentine Music.

Amanda Leigh Dunn

Head of Design and Development for House of Rolison. Vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ issues.

Somer Bingham

Musician and Producer based in Brooklyn. Mother and pet owner.

Additional Observations:

Many cast members have continued to thrive professionally, often in creative or entertainment-related fields. Personal relationships and family life remain integral to their identities. Advocacy, especially relating to LGBTQ+ issues, is a common theme among the cast members. Several have leveraged their reality TV fame to build social media followings or promote personal brands.

A decade after 'The Real L Word' ended, the cast is leading vibrant personal and professional lives. Their journeys reflect resilience, creativity, and a continued commitment to advocacy and representation within the LGBTQ+ community.

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