March 9, 2024

The Price of Glee - Where to Watch

Glee was a cultural phenomenon when it first aired in 2009, birthing the careers of many young actors and shaking up America with its catchy cover songs. The show also brought a lot of issues into the mainstream that were controversial at the time, from trans politics to gun violence.

Unfortunately, it also came with a dark side that the new three-part limited series the price of glee is shedding light on. The doc explores the behind-the-scenes drama that surrounded the FOX hit and the tragic end of its lead actor Cory Monteith’s life. It also features interviews with individuals who worked on the show and family members and friends of cast members including the late Naya Rivera’s father George Rivera.

There’s no doubt the show has some heavy-hitting topics, but surprisingly it also does an excellent job at showcasing talent. Throughout the show, you’re able to see a group of very different kids come together and learn that they may not be as different as they seem. They’re also encouraged to follow their dreams and to be themselves. That’s definitely something that every kid should hear.

The Price of Glee does a great job at showing the backbreaking work that goes into producing a show like this. It’s no secret that there are often a lot of long hours and sleepless nights. The docuseries also sheds light on the exploitation that can occur to crew members, especially those who work behind-the-scenes.


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