January 31, 2024

The Gay Who Turned Kaiju

Whether it’s Boys Run the Riot or Blue Period, we have seen a lot of manga that address sexual identity and finding acceptance from those around you. The gay who turned kaiju is another one of those titles that raises the stakes on a familiar theme and adds its own twist to it.

When bullied teen Takashi Arashiro overhears his homeroom teacher, the person he has been leaning on for hope, reveal his bigoted views, he hits rock bottom. At his lowest point, he wishes that he was someone else – and just like that, his wish is granted as his head transforms into a giant-headed sci-fi creature!

Kazuki Minamoto writes and draws this quirky and profound story about finding your place in the world when you feel pushed out of it. The art is defined and quirky but with a goofy quality to it that accentuates the themes. The kaiju designs are also great, bouncing between menace and goofy seamlessly. The way in which the characters react to his new form is also funny and adds a level of absurdity that elevates it from melodramatic to surreal.

The Gay Who Turned Kaiju is a funny, poignant and compelling tale of acceptance that’s a welcome addition to the LGBTQ manga catalogue. While the pacing and character development could use some work, it’s a compulsive read that’s well worth your time. This is a tale that reminds us that sometimes the only way to find love is to give it to yourself first.


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