February 1, 2024

Scary Movie Review - I Know How You're Gay Jokes

The Wayans Brothers aren't exactly masters of subtle comedy, but at least they usually know when to keep their gay-themed jokes away from the squeaky-clean-morality zone. In movies like White Chicks and Dance Flick, there are moments when it seems the writers are trying to satirize homophobia without crossing over into straight-pandering territory.

But in their horror movie spoof Scary Movie, the Wayans Brothers aren't even subtle about their sexualized depictions of homosexuals. During one scene, the main character tells his best friend that he knows that his friend is gay because he's always putting his fingers up naked men's anus and he likes to be slapped in the face by oiled male hunks during their shower gloryhole scenes.

While some of the other gay jokes in this movie aren't particularly funny, the scene that references gays putting their fingers up a man's testicles is definitely offensive. And in a comedy world where idiot-slacker-loser movies are all the rage, it's probably time to retire this particular riff on how stupid it is for straight men to think that all gay guys want to hit on them.


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