February 1, 2024

Real Housewives of Salt City Star Heather Gay's New Home

Heather Gay has been a star of Real Housewives of Salt City since its premiere, and she's known for being bold, hilarious, and brash. However, there's also a vulnerability that comes through in her portrayal of her life on the show that is unexpected and refreshing to see.

In her latest episode, Gay opened up about her ex-husband and how his family was rich and powerful. Her ex-husband was the grandson of Frank William Gay, who served as billionaire Howard Hughes' driver and henchman for a long time. The family inherited a large portion of the Hughes estate when he died in 1976.

While Heather doesn't disclose her exact net worth, she does have a considerable amount of money in her bank account and is the owner of a medical spa that specializes in beauty enhancement treatments such as vampire facials. She also co-owns a beauty lab with her cousin Whitney Rose.

During the season, the RHOSLC cast has been on a series of weekend getaways to places like Vail and St. George, and Heather has been seen working hard at her new beauty spa during these episodes.

As for her home, Heather's current abode is a newer house just three blocks away from her former abode. Her spacious kitchen has plenty of sleek cabinets, and the living room features a cozy velvet couch and fireplace. Watch the video above to get a tour of Heather's new home. It's definitely a nice change of pace from the more cramped space in her ex-husband's mansion.


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