February 2, 2024

Pretty Little Liars Characters Who Are Gay

As a fan of Pretty Little Liars, you've probably noticed that the show has some serious queer cred. From the show's openly gay creator, Marlene King, to the cast's huge social media presence and teen magazine covers, there are multiple ways that PLL is making progress in LGBTQ representation on TV.

One of the ways that PLL has moved the needle on LGBTQ visibility is by showing how a closeted lesbian character can come out to her friends and still have an amazing life. Shay Mitchell's Emily Fields has become a role model for young LGBT people all over the world, and the way that she was treated by her friends Spencer, Aria, and Hanna — even after she came out — is a beautiful example of how to be a good friend to someone who is lesbian.

In addition to being a great role model, Emily is also an out and proud lesbian. During her time on the show, she's had two female love interests, and the writers of the show have framed both of those relationships with equal importance.

Another recurring LGBT character on PLL is Maya DiLaurentis, who's played by Bianca Lawson. Although the CW series doesn't explicitly mention Maya's sexuality, she's a wholesome girl who's very into her studies and a genuinely sweet friend to Emily. Maya's a solid role model for LGBTQ youth, and her relationship with Emily is an example of how a bisexual woman can be comfortable with their own sexuality without having to label it or force others to understand it.


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