February 2, 2024

Ownagepranks - What Gay Hotline Does Ownagepranks Use?

Ownagepranks is a YouTuber who performs prank calls for his viewers. He has a number of different aliases and personas that he can change into on the phone to confuse his opponents. He also has a few body suits that he uses for some of his pranks. These include a black person suit, an Asian person suit and an old person suit. He has done many videos of himself walking around in public wearing these suits and talking to unsuspecting people. He has also performed many pranks on the Omegle video chat website using these characters.

Some of his most popular pranks involve a gay hotline. He will call the hotline and pretend to be a sexually explicit person with a strange request. This usually leads to the opposing person hanging up the phone in rage and confusion. If they have caller ID, Ownage will then change into another persona and make similar requests to the previous one to keep them confused and angry.

He also does prank calls to regional crisis lines and lifeline suicide prevention hotlines. These are more serious than his gay sex pranks but still contain humor that is likely to only be appreciated by middle-school males who fall on the lowest end of the socially-conscious and critical-thinking spectrum for their age group. These pranks often feature character's names like Buk Lau, Rakesh and Tyrone Biggums (who resemble the little toe fungus monster from the Lamisil commercials that lift up toenails).


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