February 1, 2024

Not Gay Jared - Who is This Not Gay Jared Called That?

Jared Monroe, better known by the name Not Gay Jared, is a famous conservative political commentator and media personality. He is well known for his appearances on the Louder with Crowder talk show. He starred on the show for about three years before suddenly quitting in 2018. Many fans of the show are still wondering what happened to him and what he is doing nowadays.

One theory that has been circulating around the internet is that Not Gay Jared left Louder with Crowder for personal reasons. This could be because he and his partner were expecting a baby at the time or because of financial issues. There are also rumors that not all cast members were getting paid on time, including Sven Computer. These rumors have been fueled by the fact that Not Gay Jared hasn’t given any reason for leaving the show, so they have to be taken with a grain of salt.

On August 18, 2018, Not Gay Jared announced that he was leaving the show in an episode titled A Very Not Gay Jared Farewell. He said that he was moving on for personal reasons, but his fans weren’t satisfied with this explanation.

During his time on the show, Not Gay Jared became involved in various sketch shows and discussions involving gender roles. He was particularly vocal about the topic of gender identity and privilege. He was also very witty and able to convey his opinions in an interesting way. This is why he was so popular on the show.


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