February 1, 2024

My Husband is Gay - What Should I Do?

When a woman suspects that her husband is gay, it’s important to take a close look at the situation and to consider their options. While many men and women do go through rough patches in their marriages, the discovery of homosexuality is an especially tough nut to crack. Depending on how the couple responds to this, it may be possible for them to reconcile and continue to love each other as platonic partners, even without being sexual mates.

Some of the most obvious signs that a husband is gay include his refusal to have sex or a lack of interest in having sex with you. Many women who discover that their husbands are gay also report that they notice issues involving sexual desire, but it’s not always a clear-cut indicator on its own.

Other indicators that a husband is gay include watching pornography related to homosexual couples or displaying other sexually-explicit behaviors. If you’re suspicious of your husband, you can search his internet history on his laptop or smartphone to see if he’s visited websites related to gay pornography or to coming out as gay. You should also pay attention to the people he spends time with, and note if there are groups of friends whose members appear to be gay or atypical demographics of acquaintances that your husband isn’t familiar with.

Some husbands who are gay may also display more traditionally “feminine” traits, such as talking in a soft voice, wearing dresses or skirts, and acting “touchy” or sensitive. It’s important to distinguish between these types of behavior and the more serious issue of him being gay, but taking note of some of these red flags can be helpful in starting a discussion with your husband.


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