January 31, 2024

Merry and Gay - What to Expect and Where to Watch

The idea that lesbians deserve cheesy Christmas movies has become a bit more mainstream, but even with Lifetime and Hallmark putting out their own offerings the list is still relatively short. This one by Tello Films features a not-quite love triangle and minimal drama, but there’s some gratifying diversity in the casting (including nonbinary actress Andi Rene Christensen) that helps to add some life to the proceedings.

Where to Watch

You can stream Merry and Gay with a subscription on Amazon Prime Video or for free without ads on Peacock, Vudu Free, and Tubi TV. The movie is also available for rent or purchase on Netflix, Amazon Video, and Vudu.

What to Expect:

This one follows Broadway star Becca (Dia Frampton) who returns to her rural hometown for the holidays in an attempt to reconnect with Sam (a nonbinary actor played by Christensen). At first, Sam isn’t receptive, having had their heart broken by Becca three years ago, but as they get to work together on the town’s Christmas variety show and have their feelings hashed out again it starts to warm up. Then Becca’s manager shows up with offers from Hollywood, causing more drama of course!

The acting is solid across the board, with the leads bringing some much needed energy. But everyone, from the supporting cast of women to the gender nonconforming and trans side characters to the deaf character, adds something special to the movie. It may not change the minds of those who have a hard time engaging with the overcooked gaudiness of TV holiday romances, but it is a good effort from a group of talented people.


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